Is there a minimum rental rate I need to rent equipment?

   Yes,  you may rent for one or two nights. However, due to our Free Delivery in most areas, there is a $35.00  minimum rental rate for our services and a $45.00 minimum rentals rate for our double strollers, even if the requested rental time is less than three nights.

We are spending part of our vacation at one hotel, and then switching to another for the remainder. Will that cause a problem?

   If both hotels are in our delivery area, we will deliver to the first and retrieve from the second. Please be sure to list it in your reservation or contact us via email.

Are there weight limits for the strollers?

Baby Jogger City Mini series are smaller and slimmer than full sized strollers. The maximum weight for these strollers are 50 pounds per seat. A child more than 50 pounds or taller than 45 inches may not be comfortable. Please inquire about our City Elite or Advanced Mobility strollers that we may have in inventory.

How wide are the stroller seats?

  • The City Mini Single seat is 13 inches wide.
  • The City Mini Double seats are each 12 inches wide.

Does the seat recline on the City Mini series strollers?

  There is a release clip in the rear of the seat that lets you adjust the seat from being upright to a near flat reclining position for the all Baby Joggers. 

Are the strollers and car seats cleaned and checked for damage before each rental?

  We carefully inspect to make sure that the stroller is fully operable prior to every rental and is meticulously checked cleaned and sanitize upon return.  Between each use and prior to delivery to you, all non-cloth items are steam-cleaned and sanitized with a non-toxic environmentally friendly antibacterial disinfectant. We follow the same guidelines that California licensed child care centers are required to follow. We are the only stroller rental company in Anaheim to clean, disinfect for bacterial, viral, mold/mildew and Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), Hepatitis B & C,Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 & Type 2, HIV-1 (AIDS virus), Human Coronavirus, Avian Influenza and many more. We also heat all of our gear to 160 degrees to kill for bedbugs and lice

Are your strollers and carriers safe?

Yes! Safety comes first at The Baby Jogger Company. They test and retest their products to ensure that all our current strollers either meet or exceed ASTM and/or EN 1888 testing standards for strollers and carriages. Baby Jogger Company has over 25 years of experience caring for your precious cargo. Rental items are delivered with owner’s manual when requested.

How easily do your strollers fold?

Baby Jogger's patented quick-fold technology has been incorporated into the City Mini stroller, When your child is out of the seat, you simply lift up on the grab-and-lift folding handle, and the Baby Jogger stroller collapses in a single easy step!


How do you keep track of any recalls on your equipment?

All of our products are registered with the manufacturer in order to be kept notified of all equipment recalls. We also check regularly on the Juvenile Product Manufacturer Association (JPMA)  for more information. You may visit this link:
We also have a NHTSA Safety Technician check all of our inventory on a regular basis.

What happens if my stroller is stolen?

   Under our rental agreement, you are responsible for the loss of the stroller during your rental period. The minimum replacement cost for a single stroller is $200.00 and the minimum replacement cost for a double stroller is $400.00.  If your stroller is stolen, please contact us immediately and we will get a replacement stroller to you as quickly as we can. If you have included theft/damage insurance with your reservation, there will be no charge, otherwise, we will charge you the replacement cost for the stroller before delivering a replacement. EXCEPT IN INSTANCES OF FRAUD!

What is cost of the theft/damage insurance and what does it cover? What if the stroller is damaged while I'm using it?

  This insurance costs $20 for the length of your rental. It must be purchased prior to the delivery of your stroller. It will cover the cost of your stroller in the event that it is stolen or damaged (other than normal "wear and tear") during your rental.

Is the stroller marked so that I can identify it?

   Your stroller will have a  lime green or bright blue placard attached to the bottom bar in the rear by the storage basket with your family name to help you identify it. If you prefer no identification, just take out the card and turn it around, but once again this ensures that you have the correct stroller that has been rented to you.

Do you offer rain covers?

  We currently offer rain covers on request at no charge. We have limited quantities and can not guarantee that you will receive one with your rental. If you would like a rain cover, you should request on in the special notes section of the order form. There will be a charge of $35.00 if the rain cover is not returned or is in poor condition.

What if I return the stroller or car seat really dirty?

  We reserve the right to charge an additional $35.00 cleaning charge for equipment returned in an excessively dirty condition. Examples of where rental would be deemed excessively dirty would include (but are not limited to) were they are returned with stuck-on chewing gum, crayon markings, finger paint, glue, pen ink, dried ice cream or other food/drink, vomit, or urine and/or diaper blowouts.

When am I charged for my stroller or car seat rental?

  Your credit card will be charged at the time your order is placed through Paypal's secure website or when placed over the phone.

Can I change my reservation?

  When you make a reservation, you will receive a confirmation e-mail detailing the terms of the rental.  Please email us at for any changes to your reservation. In the event that you need to cancel your reservation, 100% of the money collected from the reservation will be refunded up to 72 hours prior to the first rental day; otherwise the refund will be the total amount collected minus $45.

What if I need my stroller before your 10:00 am delivery time?

  If it is essential that you have your stroller early in the morning (before 8AM), please consider having it delivered the evening before. Strollers are delivered to the Front Desk or Bell Desk of most hotels and/or resorts.

Your stroller may be delivered by 8 AM as long as you have made your reservation at least 48 hours before you arrive and we have received your early delivery fee of $10.00.

If you reserve your City Stroller Rental AFTER 12:00PM PST the DAY BEFORE YOU ARRIVE, the delivery time will be by 10AM as long as we have availability.

If you reserve your City Stroller Rental AFTER 7:00AM PST and you would like SAME-DAY DELIVERY we will deliver as soon as possible, but may likely be later that afternoon or evening. Exceptions to these terms may be unlikely or impossible, so be sure to adhere to the times listed.

What if I need my stroller past the 12:00 PM drop off time?

  We need plenty of time to our pick strollers up, clean and sanitize them for the next family so it is important that your stroller be back at bell services, front desk at your pick up resort no later than 12:00 PM. If you need it after this time, you should reserve your stroller for an extra day. We reserve the right to charge you for additional day and a return trip fee if the stroller is not returned by 12:00PM.

What if my resort or hotel is not in your delivery area?

  We deliver to most resorts in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and to most Orange County attractions areas. If your request is out of these areas, please contact us and we'll make arrangements to accommodate you the best way we can. Send your inquiry to

Do you deliver to private homes?

  We'll be glad to deliver to a private home. Please email us about the delivery/pick-up address.

Where do you deliver my stroller?

  Strollers are normally delivered the morning of your arrival at the BELL SERVICE, FRONT DESK or the CONCIERGE area of your hotel. Most of the time you do not need to be present.


Renting a car at the Airport? While we are happy to provide equipment via Airport Meet & Greet, due to continued loss/theft, we no longer will permit our equipment to be left in the care of car rental companies. We are happy to arrange to meet you at the car rental counter or terminal to deliver and pick up car seats and equipment, needed during your stay in California. Clients must notify CSR if their schedule changes, so we can arrange to meet you. We will allow a 20 minute grace period from the agreed upon delivery/pick up time. There will be a $5 fee assessed for every 5 minutes we are waiting up to 30 minutes beyond the 20 minute grace period. Deliveries will be rescheduled after the maximum 50 minute waiting period and may be assessed an additional delivery fee. Any client leaving CSR's gear in rental cars will automatically incur an additional 1-week rental fee to cover the cost of equipment recovery efforts. Any equipment that cannot be retrieved, will be considered lost and renter will be charged for full replacement value of the equipment in addition to all rental costs. 

Do you deliver to the Cruise Terminals at The Port of San Pedro or Long Beach?

Yes we do! Just drop us an email and include your embarkation dates and where your ship's port of call are. If your ports of call are in Mexico, we may require the purchase of rental insurance for $25.00.

Why should I rent from City Stroller Rentals instead of Disneyland or Universal Studios Hollywood?

You will have a stroller available to you 24/7 during your entire trip! You could go and stand in line to get your stroller rental and hope that they did not sell out for the day but we deliver to you at your request.  You may not remove their rental from the park's premises. Their rental strollers are not permitted in the Downtown Disney District or in CityWalk, and some of the theme parks do not have doubles for rent, they will give you two singles.

Will you give out or sell my information?

No. Your privacy is important to us. We do not sell your Identifiable Information, nor do we provide it to our marketing/advertising partners without your consent, except to process your order for a rental, fulfill your order, notify you of (or request) important information with respect to your order, or address your request(s).

Children’s Use of Site. Minors under the age of 13 may not use the Website. We do not collect or maintain information from anyone known to be under the age of 13, and no part of the Website is designed to attract anyone under the age of 13. Only adults ages 18 or older are permitted to place an order through the Website, including a reservation hold or deposit that requires a credit card.

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